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Mayflies - 2022


Director - Peter Mackie Burns
Producer - Brian Kaczynski
Exec - Claire Mundell

Mayflies is based on the 2020 novel of the same name by Andrew O'Hagan, and tells the story of lifelong friends Jimmy and Tully.

The official synopsis for the series says: "Everyone has a Tully Dawson (Tony Curran) - the friend who defines your life. In the summer of 1986, in a small Scottish town, Jimmy (Martin Compston) and Tully ignite a brilliant friendship based on music, films and the rebel spirit.

"With school over and the locked world of their fathers before them, they rush towards the climax of their youth - a magical weekend in Manchester, the epicentre of everything that inspires them in working-class Britain. There, against the greatest soundtrack ever recorded, a vow is made: to go at life differently.

"Thirty years on, half a life away, the phone rings. Tully has the worst kind of news, and a request that will test their friendship, love, and loyalty to the limit...

"Mayflies is a memorial to youth’s euphoria and to everyday tragedy. A tender goodbye to an old union, it discovers the joy and the costs of love."

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